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We’re constantly on the search for new contributing writers and you could be the one!

All you need to do is send us an article you've written - it can be fashion tips, styling, beauty tips, health tips, a travel log, a personal inspirational story or an opinion piece - as long as it fits into any one of the sections of the magazine. The article should be in a Word doc. Don't worry about word count. Let your creativity soar.

If it is a Fashion/Styling/Beauty/Travel article, please send along photos of yourself relevant to the article (in high resolution). Photos should be zipped up and sent separate from the Word doc. 

Finally, include a profile photo along with the following details which will be added as credit:

Full Name: 

Name of Photographer (if any)

Profile: (please provide a short description of yourself. Max 60 words.) 

Blog URL (if any)

Instagram and/or Facebook handle:

If you are a blogger and have an existing blog post you'd like us to publish, that works too.

For more information, email the Editorial Team at

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