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Break the hate cycle. Spread love.

We are all afraid. The world has become a scary scary place. There's no denying that. With all the tragedies happening one after another and with all the ugly pictures (and comments) splattered across mainstream media, it's no wonder we are filled with fear. But it’s how we deal with this fear that matters. We could go on a destructive war path and tear down the perpetrator and the community that we think he represents. Or we could take the other route and be constructive, which means we think about the perpetrators actions, understand why, research the correct information, empathize and then act (and speak) responsibility.

When faced with fear, think carefully on how we should react. Here, we don’t just jump on the bandwagon and say what everyone else is saying. We stop, think and then act. We believe that ‘destruction' doesn't solve the problem. It perpetuates it. Really what the world needs now is understanding, love, respect. Sounds radical? Sounds ridiculous? Then ask yourself, what happens when two people get into a fight both fueled with anger and hate. Someone's going to get hurt. Someone's going to end up the loser. But if we come together with empathy for the other, with understanding and love, even if it's just one party, the conversation may change. This was the way of our beloved Prophet. And we should emulate more than ever.

Together we can #BreakTheHateCycle

Send Forgiveness Viral - The Project

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