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If you dream it, you can achieve it

Dreams can come true. You just got to believe it.

August 13, 2016, a date that will go down in history for all Singaporeans. National swimmer, Joseph Isaac Schooling, smashed his competition, including his idol Michael Phelps, at the Rio Olympics and clinched the Gold medal in the 100m butterfly.

The 21-year-old Singaporean, has brought home this little country's first Olympic gold medal. Hearing our national anthem ring through the arena was and will always be a magical moment. Ask any Singaporean and they will say the same thing. Not only did Schooling win the Gold medal but he set a new Olympic record in the same stroke, no pun intended. With an impressive 50:39 seconds, Schooling blew everyone's minds. This little red dot that could, made it. He made it for all of us.

But this post isn't about our Singapore pride (we are indeed proud. Trust me.). This is going to be about how he got there, winning his first Olympic Gold medal and breaking the record in doing so. Yes yes, there's his training with the best schools and trainers, the love and support of his family and friends, and the support of the entire country behind him. There's all that. And all that made him the athlete he is. But I stumbled upon an article where he visualized his goal and made it a reality almost to a T. Read the full article here.

With a handmade sign above his apartment, the words “Remember Why You're Here” running across the bottom in red, bold and capitalized letters, and the numbers 50.1 and 1:52 above it along with the Singapore flag and the Rio Olympics logo, Schooling reminded himself and VISUALIZED his goal. He saw it and he went for it. No doubt Joseph has been blessed to have such a talent and all the external factors to help him hone his talent, but this goes to show that if you yourself don't believe you can do it, then you may not necessarily be able to do it. Visualizing that goal goes a long way.

Shuhada Alauddin, Founder, coach, and consultant of MYRYL, spoke about visualization in her article in our June issue and how effective it can be to achieving your goal. Click here to recap her full article titled “Dreaming your way to success”. And here's a real-life example of exactly that.

This doesn't just apply for swimmers like Joseph Schooling or any athlete for that matter. This applies to anyone to achieve any goal they set their mind to. Half of succeeding comes from within...within you. If you believe you can, if you "see" in your mind that you can, then you can.

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