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Modest Modification - The Little Black Dress

Putting on the hijab is a personal choice and it takes a lot actually to make that change. You've got to be mentality and spiritually prepared to change your entire wardrobe. You look at your cupboard and start to say goodbye to those short dresses you once owned. But do you really have to? As we mentioned in last week's blog, modest fashion encompasses a broader range than just Islamic fashion. Modest fashion is every day wear made modest (if that even makes sense lol!). Click here to read last week's blog for a quick recap.

There are so many gorgeous hijabis on social media who show you that no, you don't really have to say goodbye to your short dresses. You can still shop at your favorite Zara or H&M, you just gotta have a little bit more creativity to modest-ify it. Ok, that's a word we made up but you get the point.

Styling a modest outfit

Layer a long skirt under a short LBD and add that pop of color in a bold accessory.

So we started looking at the LBD (Little Black Dress). It's a staple in any girl's closet. So how can we modest-ify it? Add a long skirt or wide leg pants and you're good to go. Now if you're a hijabi, put on your fav hijab and you're all set.

Modest Fashion Styling tips. Just add a hijab

Layer a straight white pants under a short LBD to make it a perfect look for the office.

Hijabi or not, who said modest fashion was unattractive? Oh little black dress...How do I love thee? Let me count the ways...

Shine in Gold in this modest outfit. All you need now is a hijab.

Here's something for a night out. The double-breasted suit jacket makes for a perfect modest piece.

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