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Modest Fashion takes over Tokyo for the first time

Three years ago if you mentioned “modest fashion” you’d be met with a puzzled look. It wasn’t really the in-thing. Yet, it is something we Muslim women deal with every day. Longer sleeves, longer hemlines, hijab, that was modest fashion. But to the rest of the world, it was somewhat oppressive or here in humid Singapore, we’d be met with the question “Do you not feel hot with all those layers?” We would laugh then. But now turn every corner or better yet, swipe across Instagram and you’ll see modest fashionistas everywhere striking a pose loud and proud.

Thanks to social media (and the resilience of Muslim bloggers) the term modest fashion is taking the world by storm with modest fashion shows sprouting out everywhere. Up till this points it’s been held at the usual Muslim-majority countries like the Middle East, Kuala Lumpur, Jakarta and most recently Turkey.

Today, Toyko joins that list. On 22nd and 23rd November, modest fashion took center stage at the first ever Tokyo Modest Fashion Show which is part of the Halal Expo Japan 2016. From Malaysia to Singapore, brands took the stage to showcase some of their latest collections. The Halal Lifestyle Expo boasts a variety of brands and companies that cater to the growing Muslim community in Japan. And yes, there is a large Muslim community there. Many we spoke to mentioned that whilst halal food can be found in Japan, there seems to be a gap when it comes to fashion. Many turn to online stores to feed their modest fashion appetite. Needless to say, the fashion show was received with much enthusiasm. Here are just some of the shots from the runway. We will be showcasing more in our magazine soon. So stay tuned...Till then, enjoy!

Tokyo Modest Fashion Show.

Click image to enlarge.

Main Organiser: Halal Media Japan

Co-Organiser: Moslema in Style

Venue: Tokyo Metropolitan Industrial Trade Center Japan

*GAYA Magazine is proud to be a media partner for Halal Expo Japan 2016.

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