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I tried the 10-step Korean Skincare Routine for 2 weeks…and here are the results.

I’m pretty sure we all share the envy of our favourite Korean artists. Flawless, dewy, smooth, glowy - ahh…if only we all had skin like that. Then again maybe we could…so that got me thinking. What goes into a typical Korean skincare regime?

It comes as no surprise that Koreans take really good care of their skin – using only the best Korean skincare products and keeping to a, sometimes more than 10-step skincare regime. Some may call this crazy but I took a stab at the 10-step Korean skincare routine.

After diligently following these 10-steps for 2 weeks, the results were quite remarkable. Ok, I may not be using the same Korean products but what I wanted to test was the diligent steps they take every night. I’ve documented my routine in the video below. Check it out.

And if you’d like to try this out for yourself, here are the 10-steps I followed along with the products I used. You can use your own products based on your own skin type but the key takeaway here is following the steps – and that you got to be diligent and consistent. No skipping!

Skincare steps

  1. Cleansing oil to melt away makeup/dirt – Neutrogena

  2. Face wash to remove impurities and excess oil – Neutrogena

  3. Exfoliator gets rid of dead skin (1 to 3 times a week) – Biore

  4. Toner to balance Ph level and ready the skin to receive all the good stuff – Simple

  5. Essence (face essence and eye essence) to boost up all the goodness - Loreal

  6. Serums (face serum and eye serum) – Wild Ferns New Zealand

  7. Masks (1-3 times a week) but if you want to try and put it on daily, go ahead and let us know how it works for you. – Mix and match masks from Sasa

  8. Eye Cream – Loreal

  9. Moisturizer – Wild Ferns New Zealand

  10. SPF Sun Block

Let us know your results by posting on Insta or Facebook and tag us at @gayamagazine. Oh, and if you have any video ideas you’d like us to try, let us know. We’ll be happy to jump on it. 😊

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