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The Power Edit - GAYA Magazine

I've been asked many times in interviews, how do we come up with the themes of each issue and each time I wished I had a very Editor-like answer but I don't. Truth is, we usually wing it and thank God, it usually works out. But there are a few issues that we really pay careful attention to and one of it them is our March issue. Each March - to celebrate International Women's Day (or month) - we curate an issue to, well, showcase the power of the female. In this issue, we've gone a step further. As I perused the submissions for this issue, one theme kept glaring at me - power. And not just women or female power but power in our voices, power in our convictions. And that is why, I’ve decided to title this issue The Power Edit. Click/tap the cover above to download your free copy. In this issue, we don’t just speak about the power of the female - as we interview powerful women in the fashion industry such as Emma Khoo of FYi Photography who talks about capturing the Alpha Woman in her shoots, or Abigayle Andre who beautifully encapsulates the power and femininity of the female in her fashion label, Modessa - but this time and for the first time, we also shine the light on MOGA’s PRIDE scarf that celebrates the LGBTQ+ community. It was a sensitive topic to broach, I won’t lie, but MOGA’s convictions in their stand inspired us to do the same. A powerful and beautiful piece definitely worth the read. I hope you enjoy this issue and as always, if you have a story to tell we’re here to listen - so feel free to get in touch with me or my team. Our doors are always open to hear and amplify your voice. HAPPY INTERNATIONAL WOMEN'S MONTH! Much love, Juliana Iskandar Editor-in-Chief

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