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Faree' Eid Collection 2018

The fashion world in the region is already ablaze with the latest trends for the upcoming Eid. Even before Ramadan begins, designers are already hard at work putting together their Eid collection for the year and we're all excited to see what's coming up.

Few weeks ago we showed you what Zalora's modest line had in store for Eid...this week, we're shining a light on another local brand - Faree'.

Faree' Eid Collection

Referencing the brand's modest legacy, Faree’ unveil its Eid collection 2018 which presents a new vision of sophistication and minimalism. Combining the history in traditional Malay clothing and futuristic prismatic colours, the Faree' Collection embodies the individuality of style that is full of personality and character.

The silky light grey satin and metallic silver leather details retain softness in movement despite the synthetic shine of their finishes. Creating a silhouette that demonstrates it’s elaborate patchworks of crystals, metallic studs, ruffles and, leather and lace applique, Faree’ introduces two more apparels in royal purple and sky blue for men and women maintaining its modest-depth charge.

The Faree’ collection retails from $79 to $119. Shop the festive collections at on desktop and mobile site.

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