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BORA AKSU’s Autumn / Winter 2018 Collection

Inspired By The Tale Of Margaret Ann Bulkley

BORA AKSU’s AW18 collection is inspired by the extraordinary tale of Margaret Ann Bulkley – a young woman who went against the grain of Georgian society to become one of the most respected surgeons of her time. She championed the cause of proper medical care for the lower classes and rose to a position no woman before her had been allowed to occupy, only through disguising herself as a man. Margaret was known as James Berry for almost her entire life, and the truth only became known to the public and military colleagues after her death.

The metamorphosis behind Margaret’s journey from a young girl to a man provided the creative backbone to BORA AKSU’s AW18 collection, contrasting opulence with simplicity to introduce a blend of the androgynous and the romantic. The contrast can be seen in the mix of hard and soft textures and layered gowns alongside traditional tailoring.

Margaret’s biological femininity is evident in light pastels of lilas, blues and powder pinks that are enveloped within silk tulles and pleated organzas. This provides a foil to Margaret’s constructed gender – her male persona – that is largely represented by rich cashmere wools, heavy velvets and flamboyant, boyish looks.

The BORA AKSU AW18 collection highlights that romance can exist within the bold, and the very notion that a romantic garment need not be a delicate one. The traditional nuances of each gender are visible within embroidered, printed dresses combined with voluminous and rich silhouettes, simultaneously depicting Margaret’s manipulation of her natural form. Adding long-tailored cocoon coats and cropped jackets, the collection deconstructs gender norms to celebrate and explore femininity beyond the confines of societal expectations and stereotypes, delving into what it means to be a woman in today’s world.

BORA AKSU’s AW18 collection encompasses three themes – Soft Urban, Rustic Romance and Crafted Folk.

Soft Urban

Combining effeminacy with masculinity, Soft Urban consists of pinstripe culottes and matching blazers, velvet jumpsuits and wide-leg trousers and beautiful valiant dresses.

BORA AKSU’s Autumn / Winter 2018 Collection

BORA AKSU’s Autumn / Winter 2018 Collection

Rustic Romance

Inspired by 18th century flowers, lace, embroidery, cashmere and vintage-looking prints, Rustic Romance highlights BORA AKSU’s signature flavour of richness and grandeur, combining it with intriguing layering techniques to achieve bold yet ultra-feminine looks.

BORA AKSU’s Autumn / Winter 2018 Collection

BORA AKSU’s Autumn / Winter 2018 Collection

Crafted Folk

Curating the ultimate outer-wear for the season, the Crafted Folk comprises of cosy and warm fabrics, thick ethnic embroidery and a classic, oversized style.

BORA AKSU’s Autumn / Winter 2018 Collection


The BORA AKSU brand dates back to 2002, when designer Bora Aksu received his first acclaim upon graduation from Central Saint Martin’s MA course. Bora’s collection won a sponsorship award, giving him the opportunity to make his debut at London Fashion Week in 2003. The BORA AKSU brand was founded in the same year and was quoted as “The Star of the Show” by broadsheets. A resounding success, a total of four consecutive “New Generation Awards” were presented to Bora from The British Fashion Council. He also won “The Designer of the Year” award from Elle Style and an acknowledgement from Queen Elizabeth II for his contributions to the British Fashion Industry.

The romanticism of Bora’s collection makes for a refined yet modern aesthetic. Hand-crafted, layering and texture contrast, muted color and volume form its key DNA. BORA AKSU is lauded for its elegant, sophisticated, romantic and modern feminine.

BORA AKSU’s flagship store officially opened in Beijing in 2015. The stores followed in Hong Kong, Shanghai, Macau and Paris. In 2018, BORA AKSU continues on its expansion plans with store openings planned for Singapore, Korea, Europe and the United States. For more information, visit

Store location: 2 Bayfront Avenue, Canal Level, B2-107, The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands, Singapore 018972

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