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Modanisa takes part in the debut edition of Jakarta Modest Fashion Week

Selma Sari - Modanisa at Dubai Modest Fashion Week 9 December 2017

Modanisa, one of the world's largest online retailers of women’s fashion, is heading to Indonesia later this month to take part in the debut edition of Jakarta Modest Fashion Week (JMFW). The pioneering brand, synonymous with the global rise of modest fashion, will use the opportunity to scout for new designers for its shopping portal.

A recognised brand in Europe, the USA, and Middle East, Modanisa has built its reputation connecting the styles and trends of the East and West on its global modest fashion platform. The e-tailer eyes Indonesia – the world’s largest Muslim majority country – as a vital growth area, and is looking to expand its portfolio of Indonesian fashion labels, which include Irna Mutiara, Applecoast Noore, and Sazy Zahra.

Modanisa London Modest Fashion Week 15 April 2017

Presenting one of the headline shows at the JMFW, Modanisa will be leveraging the four-day event to raise brand awareness among Indonesian consumers. Brand manager Havva Kahraman will head the Modanisa team travelling to the Indonesian capital to oversee its catwalk show. The trip also allows her the chance to meet with Indonesian fashion labels whose styles have strong export potential.

Mrs Kahraman said: “Modest Fashion Week is an excellent time for Modanisa to discover emerging talent. With a population of 280 million, Indonesia is a country of vast opportunities for modest fashion designers and retailers. We are keen to tap into this exciting market, while also bringing the best local designers on to our platform where they can grow their profile and international sales.”

Modanisa Istanbul Modest Fashion Week May 2016

She added, “Modanisa is well placed to promote Indonesia’s rich cultural heritage to Europe, America and the Middle East. Each month, Modanisa.com receives 15 million visitors. We also distribute to 120 countries, making it the perfect launch pad for fashion labels wanting to go global. Literally overnight, they will be visible and selling to millions of shoppers worldwide.”

In April, Modanisa won the E-commerce and Digital Experience Award at the 2018 International Business Excellence Awards in Dubai. The firm successfully demonstrated the impact its investment into new technology and innovation had on its business, propelling Modanisa from a Turkish start-up in 2011 to becoming a global marketplace seven years later, selling 70,000 products to customers worldwide.

About Modanisa

A pioneering business since its inception, Modanisa.com is at the helm of the burgeoning modest fashion sector. Launched in 2011, Modanisa is Turkey’s first online clothes portal and the world’s original modest fashion brand, helping to garner global interest in the sector with its innovative Modest Fashion Week concept that made its debut in Istanbul in 2016.

Each month, Modanisa’s global modest fashion platform receives 15 million visitors and dispatches orders to customers in over 120 countries. The award-winning business currently supports 500 brands and designers, which between them supply 70,000 products ranging from casual wear to evening dresses, sports and swimwear, and fashion accessories.

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