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BATA Launches Limited-Edition Line following Young Designers Challenge

BATA Launches Limited-Edition Line following Young Designers Challenge

For the first time, Bata is launching a limited-edition line with only 40 exclusive pairs available in Singapore. This limited-edition line features two winning designs from the Bata Young Designers Challenge, held earlier this year at the 2nd Edition of Bata Fashion Weekend 2018. The winning designs are handcrafted and supported by the best of Italian craftsmanship attributed to Kallisté, the eminent shoe manufacturer from Italy.

The theme for this year’s Bata Young Designers Challenge was to design elegant shoes with crystal components from the iconic Czech international crystal manufacturer Preciosa.

Carrying a fresh new look to the Bata range, the “ERICKA” (SGD 299), features a neutral caramel coat with gold embellishment and detailing along the heel line and straps. Designed by Celeste Andrea Beggio, a student of Politecnico Calzaturiero in Padua, the pair of high heels is a refinement of the exceptional and elegant new model of women shoes in the Bata range.

BATA Launches Limited-Edition Line following Young Designers Challenge


The other winning design, “AMULET” (SGD 299), is a pair of Slip-On Mules, which embodies an urban chic vibe through its opulent crystal web of embellishments. Designed by Teresa Kanyzová, a student of the Academy of Arts, Architecture & Design in Prague, the semi-pointed slip on mules epitomize the spirit and vigour of the youth, with an elegant dotting of Preciosa crystals.

BATA Launches Limited-Edition Line following Young Designers Challenge


Commenting on the motive behind the Bata Young Designers Challenge, Thomas Archer Bata, Chief Marketing Officer, Bata Group said, “Bata believes in inspiring young designers to showcase their personal style and craftsmanship in creative ways. It is paramount for us to think ahead for the generations to come and discover fresh new talent, and be the helping hand to kickstart their careers. We gave the most talented students of international design institutions the opportunity to translate their personal styles into ready-to-wear pieces and am so pleased with the outcome. There are so many innovative manifestations, and I am delighted we are bringing on board these two fresh new winning designs to our Bata range”.

Bata Young Designers Challenge 2018

Following the successful debut of the initiative last year, Bata decided to extend the Bata Young Designers Challenge from Politecnico Calzaturiero in Padova to Prague’s already established Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design (UMPRUM). The esteemed jury members of this year’s “Bata Young Designers Challenge” were Thomas Archer Bata, Chief Marketing Officer, Jana Barbati Chadova, Head of Global Marketing Bata, Marcos Cánovas, Global Brand Manager Bata, Libena Rochova, Head of UMPRUM Fashion and Footwear Design Studio, Stefano Miotto, Politecnico Calzaturiero, CEO and Vice-President and the team from Italian high-end shoe manufacturer Kallisté. The jury focused on creativity and an innovative approach but also on the use of materials, crystal components and the sales appeal.

The exclusive 40 pairs of ERICKA and AMULET will be launching exclusively at Bata @ Vivo City and Bata @ Peninsula Plaza in mid-August 2018 and will also be available for purchase online via Bata’s website,


About Bata

Launched in 1894, Bata provides versatile quality footwear and accessories which are accessible for all. Having dressed your feet with elegance and class throughout the years, the family-owned business has been at the forefront of innovation in the design and production of new styles. The Czech brand currently has more than 5,200 stores globally in over 70 countries. In April 2017, Bata announced a modernized global brand direction with its new manifesto “Me & Comfortable With It”, which focuses on empowering people to be beautiful and comfortable, no matter who they are, and what their style is. With this new strategy, the company now caters to the needs of today’s consumers who are sophisticated and increasingly interested in the latest fashion trends.

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