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SWATCH shines bright for the Holidays, goes Glam and celebrates Mickey!


It’s probably the most popular countdown of the year, making 24 days feel like eternity. To sweeten everyone’s waiting time, Swatch has come up with sparkling models that make the grade of the festivities.

The star of the watchmaker’s calendar full of surprises marks this year’s Season’s Special SHINEBRIGHT, a limited and numbered edition of 5’005 pieces. All covered in red, the main color of the season, this model is wrapped by an alcantara bracelet with sparkling Swarovski stones. A snowflake on the dial reminds you to also wrap up yourself and get ready for the best time of the year. Happy holidays!


Bright crystals coquet with premium alcantara, soft leather clings tenderly around your wrist, opulent feathers call for the red carpet: Swatch’s latest Glam Collection boasts with haute couture attributes. As exclusive as this new addition, Swatch Glam is only available in 23 flagship stores across 17 countries and in very limited quantities. Expansive varieties of sophisticated and playful accessories leave endless opportunities to personalize and complete your style to perfection.

Should the pink natural feathers be worn on the watch or the ear? Shall the leather cuffs tonight perform as bracelets or as a timekeeper? Dark purple or light blue straps for the wrist? Whatever the look, it will make you look GLAM!

As extravagant as this collection, the gender-fluid drag queen Sasha Velour is one of the faces of Swatch Glam. The New York-based performer captures the public with her smart and bold looks, creating space for people to be their true selves, see life with a different angle and not take it too seriously – just as Swatch.


Mickey Mouse is known all over the globe, connecting all generations, spreading laughter, optimism and hope. Forever young, Mickey celebrates his 90th anniversary this year and Swatch pays him a special tribute with two Art Special watches created by Damien Hirst.

Two limited and numbered Swatch Art Specials have been designed by the British artist. Exclusively available for just 24 hours on swatch.com on the 18th of November, Mickey’s actual anniversary, and limited to 1.999 pieces, SPOT MICKEY features the popular mouse on its dial and is framed with his signature colours on the bracelet.

MIRROR SPOT MICKEY, limited to 19.999 pieces, plays with larger spots, and portrays the little big star against a mirrored background on the bracelet and the dial. There is even more to discover on the reverse of both watches: the signature of one of the most important artists of our time, wishing happy birthday to the True Original, with us since 1928.


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