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MARYLING Spring/Summer 2019 Collection Island Escape

Join Italian fashion brand MARYLING on an adventure with their Spring/Summer 2019 collection, Island Escape. Inspired by the colours and scenery of Greece, a paradise on earth in the heart of the Mediterranean, the collection is an ode to the holiday lifestyle of modern goddesses, where sophistication and luxury style converge into a spontaneous vision of elegance and unconventional femininity.

Born out of a distinctive combination inspired by supermodel and entrepreneur Claudia Schiffer, and the creative approach of the famed architect Antoni Gaudi, the modern goddess is a code of classicism; one which MARYLING has interpreted via an innovative approach of imprinting architectural elements on different styles. A study of proportion, shape, volume and more, MARYLING realises artistic expressions of uninhibited luxury that become an inspirational territory to be explored.

The Spring/Summer 2019 collection reveals sinuous experimentalism, with exclusive and precious fabrics, and Neomodernism expressed in a triumph of intense, bold and luminous colours; ocean blue, bright red and pale-yellow trace an ideal path that reflects a stylistic language full of contrasts for a strong aesthetic.

The collection spans four distinct themes: Cretan Mist, Geo Pelike, Mosaic and Olympus.

Cretan Mist

Cretan Mist takes on fresh, classic silhouettes that fuse soft, powdery hues inspired by the pastel coloured buildings that line the romantic alleys of Crete Island and Greece’s mystical charm into undulating lines and tone-on-tone combinations eliciting springtime emotions.

Geo Pelike

Geo Pelike translates the grandeur of Athenian black-figure pelike and their intricately painted designs into a realm of uninhibited brushstrokes and geometric and organic shapes. Morphed into luxurious fabrics that ebb and flow with a graceful fluidity of movement, the harmonious proportions are a celebration of antiquity and sleek modernity.


Taking its cue from tiled mosaic sculptures, Mosaic is a voyage through time in a dialogue that intertwines fashion and art. Revealing a tale of regal elegance in colourful mosaic patterns and curving lines that run across textiles and seams with a free-spirited energy, these contemporary silhouettes embody feminine sophistication.


Rife with bright and lively shades, Olympus is a sublime abstraction of Mount Olympus’ rich flora and fauna. Imbued with the spirit of freedom and adventure in a riot of geometric shapes and checkerboard patterns, the stylistic language embodies the essence of individuality. Exuberant bursts of yellow, orange and passionate red meet bold geometric lines that evoke the mount’s smooth peaks.


Founded in 2010, MARYLING pays tribute to modern femininity with elegant, highly covetable collections. Marrying luxurious, high quality fabrics and cutting-edge design technology, each collection across clothing and accessory lines provides a 24-7 wardrobe to accommodate the multi-faceted lifestyle of modern women. MARYLING collections reveal the timeless beauty, confidence, charm and modern versatility of the MARYLING woman.

MARYLING is located in The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands, #01-22-23-24, and Takashimaya Department Store (Level 2, International Collection). Internationally, MARYLING’s presence can be found in more than 60 stores across key cities around the world, with a flagship store located in the epicentre of Italian fashion, Via Manzoni, Milan, Italy.

Website: www.maryling.com

Facebook: /MARYLING.CO

Instagram: @marylingmilano

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