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Miu Miu unveils its new fragrance Miu Miu Twist Eau de Parfum with the Miu Miu Twist pop-up, a trave

Miu Miu unveils its new fragrance Miu Miu Twist Eau de Parfum with a pop-up animation in a dedicated travel retail pre-launch at Singapore Changi Airport in The Shilla Duty Free stores. The scent debuts on January 18th 2019 at The Shilla Duty Free in Singapore, with a 2 weeks exclusivity before a wider roll-out to the rest of travel retail markets.

The pop-up is travel-retail exclusive concept created especially for Singapore Changi Airport and opens from 18th January to 28th February 2019 at Terminal 1 Departure Transit Hall. This experiential concept is part of The Shilla Duty Free’s and Changi Airport’s joint vision to continuously captivate consumers through the launch of unique and coveted travel exclusives, and to provide more meaningful and engaging experiences to all who travel through the airport.


The eye-catching and immersive outpost, like the fragrance, is a ‘twist’ from the ordinary and mundane. Travellers will not only be able to sample the new scent and purchase the new Miu Miu Twist fragrance but also partake in various fun experiences specially curated for this pop-up. Taking centre-stage at the pop-up is an interactive installation which makes use of optical illusion to give the impression that travellers are sitting on a MIUn (moon) and floating in the galaxy. Travellers can print their photo on the spot and also receive the image keepsake via email.

To further boost the interactivity of this unconventional launch, a dedicated mini-game was developed. Simple and fun, the game invites users to try to reach the moon and collect as many points as possible.

Lastly, travellers will also be able to take home an additional complimentary customized Twist gift.


Miu Miu Twist Eau De Parfum - SGD $118 (50ml); SGD $157 (100ml)

Unapologetically indulgent and airy without superficiality, Miu Miu Twist transcends the ticking away of time, space, and status. Working together to create the second hero formula for Miu Miu Parfums, Miuccia Prada and Perfumer Daniela Andrier follow the spirit of the Miu Miu girl – unpretentiously intellectual, she’s beMiused rather than bored – and inject it with a surprising new energy. Profound yet light hearted, demure yet stimulating, Miu Miu Twist radiates in mesmerizing iridescence.

It starts with an assertive sparkle of Vert de Bergamot and Apple Blossom that gives way to a full base of Cedar Wood and an exclusive new Accord: The Pink Amber, an invention of Daniela Andrier, layers in a woodiness reminiscent of burnt sugar cane cutting through crisp air, or a Miusical laugh in the midst of a stately affair.


The Miu Miu Twist bottle is a Twisted take on the brand’s signature matelassé material, rendered in high contrast. The design’s new take on a classic vintage perfume flacon combines camp hallmarks of modern art and the flamboyant elegance of boudoir accessories, cinching them together with a gold Miu Miu-branded collar under the cap.

An opulently studded glass base adds weight to sharpened edges and inflated proportions. The result is a timeless, outspoken glamour that is at once self-assured and self-effacing – in other words, quintessentially Miu Miu.


The Miu Miu Twist campaign stars Miuse Elle Fanning, fresh from her appearance as a model in the Miu Miu FW18 runway show. A short film by the artists collective CANADA follows a movie star’s hectic routine through multiple roles, tracing her backstage to on- camera energy. Here, and in cinematic portraits photographed by Mert & Marcus, Elle assumes the starring role in a series of outrageous vignettes. As she shuttles through various studios and characters, she amuses herself with wordplay, turning each prop, costume, and set into something Miu: Miusic, Miutant, Miustache.

Taking the lead in so many fictions could be destabilizing, but even in the most extreme fantasy, Elle can locate her own distinct identity. Her antic search is a sequence of cosmic (and comic) plot Twists that ring with the spirit of Miu Miu.

Miu Miu Twist is also available in the following variations:

Miu Miu Twist Hair Mist - SGD $49 (30ml)

Miu Miu Twist Body Lotion - SGD $70 (200ml)

Miu Miu Twist Shower Gel - SGD $51 (200ml)

Exclusively available at the Miu Miu Twist outpost

EXCLUSIVE PROMOTIONS As part of this exciting launch, Miu Miu will be offering items exclusive to the The Shilla Duty Free stores at Singapore Changi Airport as well as attractive gift with purchases.

  • Receive a Miu Miu Twist Eau De Parfum 5ml Miniature with purchase of Miu Miu Twist Eau De Parfum (50ml)

  • Receive an exclusive Miu Miu Twist pouch with purchase of Miu Miu Twist Eau De Parfum (100ml)

  • Miu Miu Twist Eau De Parfum Showergel (200ml) is only available at the Miu Miu Twist popup at Terminal 1


Miu Miu Twist Eau De Parfum (50ml / SGD $118, 100ml / SGD $157) is available at the Miu Miu Twist Pop-up at Terminal 1 Departure Transit Hall (Now – 28th February) and all The Shilla Duty Free stores at the airport.

Miu Miu Twist Eau De Parfum (30ml / SGD $85) will be sold exclusively online at

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