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BORA AKSU Autumn/Winter 2019 at London Fashion Week

BORA AKSU Autumn/Winter 2019 at London Fashion Week

The BORA AKSU Autumn/Winter 2019 collection was shown at London BFC Catwalk Show Space 180 Strand on 15 February at 1pm. It was one of the official shows on the London Fashion Week schedule. Celebrities, fashion bloggers and medias around the world came to preview the latest collection. BORA AKSU Autumn/Winter 2019 collection is inspired by Valentina Tereshkova who is the first woman to go into space. She insisted on earning her education and joined a club for parachutists when she was 18. She wrote a letter to the space centre volunteering for the cosmonaut team. Tereshkova, a woman with little formal education, was selected as one of five women. On June 16, 1963, she spent almost three days in space and orbited earth 48 times in her space capsule. In the years to follow, Tereshkova toured the world promoting science and feminism. She serves as a role model for all women throughout the world who wish to strive to achieve their dreams.

In a collection dedicated to her, Bora Aksu creates garments that reflects Valentina's space trip using the contrast of her early life growing up in a small village. Valentina’s determination in standing against traditional restrictions is also an inspiration for this collection. The mutual and soft pastel palette creates almost a mystical feel. Colours such as lilacs, purples, pinks and greens are used together with quieter shades such as whites, creams and soft blues.

The iridescent organza and tulle fabrics bring ethereal textures, aiming to create garments that react to microgravity in a new and completely different way. Weightlessness is key. The combination of soft feminine fabrics and structured shapes add a sense of romance to the strong bold silhouettes. The layering is used as a tool to create interesting textures without creating heaviness. To create the layering effect Bora designed very specific embroideries on velvets, tulles and lace.



The BORA AKSU brand dates back to 2002, when designer Bora Aksu received his first acclaim on graduation from Central Saint Martins. Bora’s collection won a sponsorship award, giving him the opportunity to make his debut at London Fashion Week in 2003. The BORA AKSU brand was founded in the same year. A resounding success, a total of four consecutive New Generation Awards were presented to Bora from the British Fashion Council. He also won Designer of the Year award from Elle Style and an acknowledgement from Queen Elizabeth II for his contributions to the British Fashion Industry.

The romanticism of Bora’s collection makes for a refined yet modern aesthetic. Handicraft, layering and textural contrast alongside muted colours and volume form its key DNA. BORA AKSU is lauded for its elegant, sophisticated, romantic, modern and feminine feel.

BORA AKSU’s flagship store officially opened in Beijing in 2015. The stores followed in Hong Kong, Shanghai, Macau and Paris. In 2018, BORA AKSU continues its expansion plans with store openings planned for Singapore, Korea, Europe and the United States.


Facebook: /boraaksuofficial

Instagram: @bora_aksu

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