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Canvas Launches New Rose Otto Multi-Intensive Hydraessence Mask

Indulge your skin in pure aromatic decadence with the new CANVAS Rose Otto Multi-Intensive HydraEssence Mask. Introducing its first-ever sheet mask, the hydrating-boosting product packs a punch with a delicate elixir of plant extracts and Rose Absolute that helps to brighten and plump skin. Equally skin-soothing and time-saving, the mask unfolds nature’s beauty secrets, as the rose-infused formula envelops your skin in a light, floral scent and promotes clarity and calmness.

Inspired by the purity and strength of nature, the Rose Otto Multi-Intensive HydraEssence Mask is formulated with Rose Absolute, a rich emollient extracted from the petals of Rose Centifolia and Rose Damascena. It helps to treat broken capillaries, inflammation and skin redness, as well as prevent premature ageing by smoothing fine lines and wrinkles, and lifting and firming sagging skin.

Marshmallow extract and Comfrey extract work in tandem to deliver intense hydration and seal in moisture deep within skin’s layers, leaving skin soft, smooth and supple with an ultra-dewy complexion. The Rose Otto Multi-Intensive HydraEssence Mask also soothes eczema and dry skin patches.

Further enriched with Amino Acids and Calendula extract, the mask stimulates skin cell regeneration to brighten dull complexion and even out skin tone and also improves skin’s resilience to environmental aggressors.

90% natural ingredients.

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