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Live The Life Of Purpose And Fearlessly Chase Your Dreams With Collins Debden

Updated: Mar 10, 2020

Unravel the tapestry of life where wondrous, woven magic in bits of glitter and lustre reflect a masterpiece of intrigue and vibrancy, grit and perseverance in pursuit of the dreams that capture our hearts. In a lifetime of adventures through the peaks and valleys, embrace the light and let your soul feast on a kaleidoscope of colours, as you fearlessly chase your dreams with Collins Debden notebooks. Each brimming with spirited sophistication, the delicate pages form a narrative time-capsule of the questions that guided us toward clarity, poems that helped us connect with our emotions, and the daily reminders that fuelled our bravery and kept us focused on our goals.


Dazzle Notebooks in Pink, Copper

Go bold with Dazzle – a collection where Collins Debden complements the elegant intricacy of embossed textures with a touch of modernity. Imagining timeless pieces where sleek, soft lines vie with a classic silhouette, Dazzle transcends seasonality in all its glory and fill your world with endless wonder. Available in pink and copper, the A5 slim notebooks consist of 192 pages of 70gsm ivory paper in ruled or dotted layout.


Daisy Notebooks in Orange, Grey, Green

Inspired by nature’s grandeur that fills our hearts with awe, Collins Debden puts a youthful spin on the everyday essential with picturesque petals that embody “love”, “gratitude” and “faith”. Melding elegance and functionality, the Daisy notebooks are crafted for the free-spirited to translate their individuality to ink. Available in A5 slim size in three colours – green, orange, grey – the notebooks are designed with an expandable inner pocket and they consist of 192 ruled pages of 80gsm premium cream paper.


Enigma Notebooks in Silver, Brown, Pink

Enter Enigma – a dialogue between dusty hues and eccentric streaks that pulsate with a joyous verve. Born from playful optimism that course through the distinctive play on proportions, the range of notebooks is an ode to sheer individualism. Enigma is available in A5 in brown, pink and silver. Other features include gilt edging; 192 pages of 70gsm ivory paper with ruled layout.

Metropolitan Melbourne

Metropolitan Melbourne Notebooks in Blue, Green, Brown, Lilac

Taking cues from the contrasting colours of Melbourne’s city streets, Metropolitan Melbourne transcends the codes of stark simplicity to redefine edgy chic. It explores the potency of joyous hues that celebrate every precious moment, with a palette of daybreak hues and sleek black reminiscent of pristinely dark skies. Each notebook distils the magic that enfolds with the light of every sunrise, as you live the life of adventure and purpose, and chase your dreams. The B6 notebooks are available in seven colours, with 192 pages of 70gsm cream Kinmari Japanese premium paper, in ruled or dotted layout.

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