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Nivea Features Rare and Luxurious Hokkaido Rose in the All-New Whitening Deep Serum Deodorant

Interesting Fact: The Hokkaido Rose only blooms once a year and it has 36 times more anti-oxidants than a grapefruit! NIVEA launches the new Whitening Deep Serum Hokkaido Rose Deodorant with an innovative formula that combines concentrated Vitamin C and the essence of Hokkaido Rose. This formula provides you with 3x action, offering deep nourishment for fairer and smoother underarms, repairs skin from deep within and fresh delicate fragrance of the precious Hokkaido Rose.

“As the No. 1 brand and leader in the deodorant market, NIVEA is proud to introduce something completely new. It is such a privilege for us to bring this essence of Hokkaido Rose to Singaporean women, as it is so rare and precious. While she is active and busy with life’s demands, the nourishing formula will repair and brighten her skin while providing an uplifting and delicate scent. With NIVEA Whitening Deep Serum Hokkaido Rose Deodorant, women will enjoy long-lasting fragrance for all day freshness and confidence,” said Mr. Ng Hock Guan, Country Manager for Beiersdorf Singapore and Malaysia.

3 interesting facts about Hokkaido Rose

  1. Farmers gently harvest the blooms by hand and extract the individual petals for a single distillation process

  2. Harvesting and distillation is done for 16 hours a day while the flowers are in bloom (only for a month every year), to ensure its freshness

  3. Hokkaido Roses grow in a region with an extreme range of temperature, from -25°C in winter to 35 °C in the summer and are cultivated without chemical fertilisers or pesticides.

The NIVEA Whitening Deep Serum is also available in another variant, NIVEA Whitening Deep Serum Sakura Deodorant. Sakura, which is also part of the rose family of plants, has a mild and delicate fragrance; together they complete the NIVEA Whitening Deep Serum range.

## NIVEA Whitening Deep Serum Hokkaido Rose Deodorant and NIVEA Whitening Deep Serum Sakura Deodorant will be available in Guardian and Watsons stores from 7th November 2019 onwards in a 40ml roll-on bottle ($5.95) and a 150ml Spray bottle ($10.90).

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