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Seize The Moment and Write Your Dreams with Collins Debden

In a fast-paced world, carving out time to pursue our happiness, reflect or connect with ourselves and the people we hold close to our hearts, is far too often a vain dream. Even as we gaze out of the window to marvel at the serenity of the concrete jungle, our thoughts are constantly consumed by the demands of life, that time zooms past us, our hearts seemingly race with the rhythm of the city– the sound of traffic and alarms, the call of birds, the trickle of water and the footsteps of humans – and the joyride, life was supposed to be, is instead a race that we tirelessly drag ourselves through.

In the series of moments with every passage of time, seizing each moment in our lives is one of the greatest building blocks of happiness. It is an invitation to live in the now, to keep us fired up to chase our dreams and create our own opportunities. Inspiring each and every one of us to seize the moment and realize our dreams, Collins Debden presents a curated selection of notebooks in bright, lively hues that encourage you to make every moment count and boldly pursue your dreams.


Inject a dose of chic accoutrement to your desk with the Vanguard range. It is accented with a bold, striking copper foil cover and gilt edging. Available in B6 and A6 in ruled layout, in three striking styles ranging from the geometric to the sinuous.

Metropolitan Melbourne

Metropolitan Melbourne draws inspiration from the trend-setting, youthful urbanite exploring their individuality. Equally practical and chic, the notebooks are covered in a luxe jacket of exuberant colours that spark an imaginative mind. Available in B6 with 192 pages of exquisite cream Kinmari Japanese premium paper, Metropolitan Melbourne comes in seven vivid colours, yellow, pink, lilac, green, blue, brown and black.


Dazzle is sure to impress and add that ‘oomph’ factor to your notebook collection. It features an embossed cut flush cover in two luxurious colours, pink and copper. Available in A5 slim size ruled or dotted page layout.


Melding elegance with everyday functionality, the Daisy notebooks are patterned with picturesque petals that symbolize “love”, “gratitude” and “faith”. Curated for the free-spirited, the notebooks encourage you to translate your individuality to ink. Available in grey, green and orange, the notebooks are A5 slim size and packed with 192 pages of 80gsm premium ivory paper with ruled lines.

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