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The Power Brunch : Shuhada Alauddin, Founder of MYRYL & Peek-a-box

"Give the best of yourself in whatever you do," Shuhada Alauddin

I’m all for women empowerment and women supporting women. So I’m jumping for joy that it’s International Women’s Day today. But celebrating women shouldn’t be just one day. It should be all day, every day. Many out there will spend today posting about women who inspire them. I personally have a long list but I’m not going to bore you with that. I will however, personally introduce you to some of them.

In this first of a new series we'd like to call 'The Power Brunch', here's one woman on my list who has always been there for me with great advice in hand. She’s not only an inspiration but I’m so blessed to call her my friend.

Shuhada Alauddin is the founder of MYRYL (pronounced my-real) – Master Yourself, Revamp Your Life. She’s a behavioral analysis expert, a colour personality therapist and as if that’s not enough, she’s now the founder of Peek-a-Box – a beauty subscription box.

She’s a wife, a mom, a business woman and this month, in the spirit of International Women’s Day, I get to chat with her over coffee and cake, and introduce you to this extraordinary woman.

Juliana : Colours & Personality – many think it’s all mumbo jumbo, but you’re saying it’s a science. How does colour influence a person?

Shuhada: Let me start by saying thank you Juliana. I feel so honored that you want to interview me and feature me. (She’s just saying that to butter me up. Haha!) To answer your question, colours, to begin with, is a form of energy. We have energy as well and we actually vibrate at certain frequencies. It’s just that we don’t realise it or we don’t see it – it’s metaphysics. Colours when they are a form of energy means they also vibrate at certain frequencies. So each colour will vibrate at their own different frequency. That is how it affects somebody in terms of mood. For example, yellow – it’s a color that has a vibrant frequency meaning it moves very fast, so when you wear yellow, the elements of the color uplifts your mood. For blue, the frequency or the energy is very slow, that’s why it gives a calming effect to the wearer – it’s soothing, it’s relaxing.

In a nutshell that’s how colours affect a person.

Juliana: So when you wear a certain colour, you absorb that energy?

Shuhada: Yes. That’s right. In some of my trainings, people ask me “if I want to be calm and blue is the colour to calm me down, do I have to wear head to toe in blue?” I say no. Well unless you want to. But not necessarily. You can have a blue handbag or a blue scarf. Its sufficient cos we want the frequency of the colour.

Juliana: If let’s say, blue is my favourite colour and blue has a calming energy does that mean I possess that energy and I’m a calm person?

Shuhada: Yes and no. It could mean that you have that energy within you so you gravitate towards that colour or it could also mean you are lacking that energy and your body is trying to tell you that you need to get that colour to neutralize your energy. I specialize in personality development but there are people who use colours as a form of healing and one of the ways they identify where you’re lacking is to look at what colour you’re attracted to.

Juliana: I’ve never been attracted to blue. My favourite colour has been red but recently I’m attracted to blue. So either I am a very calm person now or I’m lacking in calmness. I think I’m the latter.

Shuhada: You would need proper diagnosis to find that out but you are very busy, Juliana, so maybe your body is telling you to slow down, hence you are attracted to blue at this point in your life.

Juliana: Ok, thanks for pointing out the obvious. Haha! Next question. From colour therapy to Peek-a-Box. What inspired you to venture into a beauty subscription box?

Shuhada: Honestly, I have been running MYRYL for 5 years and I deal with helping people. Consultation, speaking engagement, etc. The way I see it, I beautify people from the inside – I help them with their self-esteem, help them speak better, etc. So I’ve always wanted to do something that would complement this – to beautiful a person from the outside. So the first thing that came to mind was skincare and beauty products. I’ve always admired ipsy so I started researching and I found out that the subscription based business in Malaysia is still very young. And more so for beauty subscription boxes. So I said, why not. Hence the idea for Peek-a-Box was born. It’s sort of to jive the two – beauty inside out. And that’s out tagline by the way.


"We both know all too well that starting a business is not easy especially the first few years. But if you’re passionate about it, that’s going to keep you going through the rough (and quiet) times."


Juliana: Ok so tell us more about Peek-a-Box.

Shuhada: It’s a specially curated subscription beauty box in which, every month, subscribers receive a variety of beauty products. We promise about 4 to 5 deluxe sample-sized items. In some boxes you may even get actual size products. It’s a mystery box – you won’t know what you get. Some might ask “but what if I don’t like the products”? Well, it’s supposed to be a mystery box first and foremost but of course my team and I will ensure it’s specially curated and each box has a theme. Whatever we choose to put into the box for that month will fit that theme. For example, in February, our first circulation, the theme was self-love to coincide with Valentine’s Day, so we have items that fit that theme.

Juliana: Will there be products that relate back to colour therapy?

Shuhada: If you’re asking if Peek-a-Box links back to MYRYL, not necessarily. However, in some boxes we have an editorial card that would have some quotes or tips from the founder. So if there are products in the box that have colours, for example eye shadow, then the card would have maybe tips on what colours to wear. But essentially I wanted the two to be separate.

Juliana: Ok, last and important question. Because it’s March and it’s International Women’s Day (or month as I like to call it) - you’re a mom an entrepreneur and a business woman. What advice do you have for women out there who want to step into business?

Shuhada: I think the first thing is to identify what you’re passionate about. That’s one. If you’re doing something that you’re not passionate about, because it’s a trend, or your friend is making money from doing it, it may not necessarily work for you because you don’t have the same passion that she has. For example, if your friend bakes and does so well and makes loads of money doing it, that’s because she loves baking. But if you’re not passionate or as passionate about baking and you go into it just because she did it, it’s going to take a toll on you. So first and foremost, you have to know yourself, your passion, what you’re good at - that’s key. We both know all too well that starting a business is not easy especially the first few years. But if you’re passionate about it, that’s going to keep you going through the rough (and quiet) times.

You also need support, so yes seek advice from a neutral party. But the one and most important support you need is from yourself. When I told my family I wanted to quit as a lawyer and do colour therapy, they were like “nooooo,….you want to quit your well-paying job as a lawyer? And go into some mumbo jumbo thing like colour therapy?”

But I was passionate and I believed in what I wanted to do. So I went ahead with it. A lot of people will try to dissuade you not because they are not encouraging. But because they care. They don’t want you to do the wrong thing. But if you believe in yourself, you have faith in yourself, then you can do it no matter what. My advice would be to keep it to yourself first and until you’ve accomplished a certain level or benchmark, then tell the people around you.

Lastly, give the best of yourself in whatever you do!


Click here to learn more about MYRYL and Peek-a-Box.

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