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The Ultimate Cleanse And Hydrate Duo: Canvas Launches Two New Rose Otto Products

Supercharge your beauty regime with the much-anticipated, brand-new product launches from CANVAS! Introducing the latest additions to their best- selling Rose Otto Ultra Regenerating series, the Illuminating Souffle Cleansing Mousse and 24-Hour Intense Hydrating Lotion are designed to deeply cleanse pores, deliver intense hydration and improve skin tone for impeccably clean, radiant and healthy-looking skin. The ultimate cleansing and hydrating duo for your everyday, CANVAS’ new products effectively soothe your skin while uplifting your senses with a delicate, calming aroma with a medley of botanical extracts and Rose Otto Essential Oil.

Rose Otto Illuminating Souffle Cleansing Mousse

The Rose Otto Illuminating Souffle Cleansing Mousse is an ultra-gentle formula with a fluffy, souffle-light texture that forms a rich lather on contact with water to effectively remove make-up and impurities, and hydrate skin. Loaded with Vitamin C and essential fatty acids, Rosehip works in tandem with Rose Otto Essential Oil to treat sun-damaged skin and prevent premature skin ageing including dark spots and hyperpigmentation. Violet and Coconut Extracts even out skin tone, calm inflammation, and keep skin smooth and supple with a healthy glow. 92% natural ingredients.

Rose Otto 24-Hour Intense Hydrating Lotion

The Rose Otto 24-Hour Intense Hydrating Lotion is a fast- absorbing formula, infused with PatcH2OTM and time- release technology to boost and maintain skin’s hydration levels through the day by forming a protective layer on the surface of the skin to seal in long-lasting moisture, revealing plump, firm and supple skin. Rose Otto Essential Oil brightens complexion and evens out skin tone, while Wild Yam and Pomegranate strengthen skin’s barrier function to protect skin from stress and environmental aggressors. 95% natural ingredients.

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